We did a research and our data shows that mid-week is always a best time to send your email campaigns. Everybody desires to reach his or her readers when they are going to be most available to receive. Even the time of a day can play an important role in opening process. In my next blog post, I will give you tips under the title of “when is the best time to send email campaigns”. Below are the days you can consider before sending your campaigns to your receivers.

Monday: Your readers are usually recovering from the weekend and will catch up on emails from the weekends. They may have a number of things to do on this day and are not quite interested in offers or solicitations.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: The best days sending your email campaigns. Your readers are more likely to receive your emails during those days.

Friday: Your readers are interested in wrapping things up and looking forward to finish their work.  They may not be fully interested in reading your email or may even forget to open it.

Saturday and Sunday: If you are sending a business email, your readers are generally out of the office on the weekends.

We would like to know Does sending campaigns at a certain day affect your reader’s response? Let us know in the comments.