Have you ever thought about how effective your welcome email? Or do you even have a welcome email?

Does it thank to your new subscribers for joining your newsletter?

Does it have a link to the informational resources such as a downloadable file, an article or blog posts?

Does it displays your products or gives some more information about your service, benefits, features or offers a website tour?

Does it have an address that displays how your subscribers contact with you?

Does it encourage the engagement, conversation or interest to your subscribers?

What is the welcome email?

When the visitor subscribes to your email list, they will receive your welcome email automatically and immediately.

What should include in the welcome email ?

Send your welcome email immediately

The welcome email should be sent to your subscribers immediately after signing up and conforming their registration. Because your subscribers may not remember they opt in to get emails from you. They may forget your brand.

Remind your subscribers why they receive an email from you

Remind them that they signed-up to your website through your site or other sites such as Facebook and/or requested receiving emails form you.

Thank to your subscribers

Your company’s first impression on your new subscribers is very important. Thank to your subscribers for joining your site and/or to get newsletters from you.

Show them the important aspects of your business

Show them some samples of your products or give information about your service, list some of the features and benefits you offer.

Set email expectations

It should set expectations that stresses what the subscriber can expect from your future emails. Tell them how frequently they get emails from you.

Keep your welcome email short and relevant

Keep your content short, creative and straight to the point.

Drive traffic and engagement

Link back to your website for your subscribers to get more information about your service or product.

Ask your subscriber’s feedback

Ask them what they are interested in seeing in your emails. Show them how you value your reader’s opinion and how it is important to you.

Reward your subscribers 

You can offer them helpful resources such as an article, downloadable document, white paper, discount or coupon and if you have a copy of you most recent newsletter, include it in your message.

Include opt-out information

Provide opt-out information, just in case the sign up was a mistake for your subscriber.

With Sendloop, you can create and activate your welcome email for each subscriber list. To do this, simply click “List Settings” link on the subscriber list overview page and scroll down to “Welcome Email” section.

These tips will help you to reorganize your welcome email and add more value in it to drive conversion and engagement with your new subscribers. When you do that, you can guarantee the inbox placement and more inbox delivery for your business.