Most marketers prefer sending HTML emails to their recipients. Here are some tips that can help your HTML messages to be seen fully to your recipients.

“Small is beautiful” E.F. Schumacher.

You need to create things like emails as small as possible. You should limit your HTML maximum 102KB.

What happens if you exceed 102KB in your HTML emails?

If you send an email more than 102KB, Gmail will only show the first 102KB and

  • Cut off the remaining part for the mobile version of Gmail for Android and iPad. It doesn’t offer any link for viewing the entire message.
  • Clip off the remaining part for the web version of Gmail and mobile version of Gmail for iPhone. It offers a link for viewing the entire message. Below is an example of how Gmail offers a link to view the entire message.

Web version

iphone version

Because Gmail clips the email that exceeds 102K, your subscribers will not see the unsubscription link, if you add it at the bottom of your email. This will cause false spam complaints from subscribers and if you have more complaints, you can get blacklisted.

What are the solutions?

  • Remove all unnecessary spaces such as tab spaces and double spaces. You can replace double spaces with singe spaces
  • Remove text line breaks from the code
  • Compress the image. Save the file size as a .jpg

If you have any other advice on this, we would love to hear it!