Think about it for a second. If you purchase a list and send your campaigns to that list, do you think people who did not even know you, will open your email?

I don’t think so. They did not request information or give you permission for receiving them. Personally, I always mark the email as spam when I get something from someone I don’t know. Below I give you some reasons why you should never buy email lists;

If you buy email lists and send out to people, you will make a lot of innocent people mad. This is the worst tactic you can use. They may delete your email without even opening, mark it as spam, unsubscribe it or tell your email marketing service that you are sending out spams. We have an anti-spam policy rules. For example, if anyone violates our spam policy rules, first we stop sending process and we send a warning to the user, investigate the account, and take any necessary safeties to prevent blacklisting and to protect the deliverability of our Sendloop system.

If you get so many complaints, your company can be on the blacklist. This can have serious results on the deliverability of your emails. It may also damage your reputation. You also don’t know what you are getting while purchasing the mail list. Some of them may not be a relevant email addresses. You will waste your time and money.

It is always best to build your own mailing lists for your own email marketing campaigns. Building your own list in a right way may be slower, but your open rate will be higher and you will have a loyal relationship with your customers. You can collect emails on your website, social sites, events, advertising, promotions, offering free items etc. In the end you will have your own pure subscribers who need to get information from you. Don’t forget, when you are building your own list, you are building a relationship coming from trust and permission as well.

What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback in the comments.