Recent changes to the way that AOL and Yahoo verify email addresses could lead to an increase in the number of bounces or emails going straight to spam if you are using an email service provider and an address which ends with or

Both Yahoo and AOL have recently announced that they have changed their DMARC policy which means they are now checking whether emails from their addresses are being sent through third party servers (like email service providers).

If the “from” email address doesn’t match the sender address from the server, the emails are more likely to be diverted to the spam folder or bounced.

Why are they doing this?

This change in verification policy is a way to try to combat the recent increase of phishing and spam sent to AOL and Yahoo users, and by AOL and Yahoo users.

Safeguarding their users’ inboxes and reducing spam is part of what Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do and these changes are the latest weapon in their ongoing war against spam.

By bouncing emails sent through third parties from a Yahoo or AOL domain, the ISPs are hoping to create a more pleasant experience for their users and reduce the number of spammers using their services for disreputable purposes.

Unfortunately these changes mean that reputable companies participating in legitimate email marketing activities are also likely to be affected.

Who will this affect?

These changes can affect anyone sending emails from an address ending in or If an email is sent from one of those addresses, but not through an AOL or Yahoo account, it is possible that it won’t be delivered.

It is only a matter of time before other email providers like Hotmail and Gmail decide to implement similar changes. As emails sent through Sendloop go through a third party server, our users who are sending emails through a Yahoo or AOL address may find their deliverability is seriously reduced.

What should I do to make sure my emails get through?

As these changes are likely to affect other ISPs in the future, if you are currently sending marketing emails from a Yahoo or AOL address, or even a Gmail or Hotmail address it’s a good idea to switch to a domain based email address, preferably linked to your company or business domain.

It is fairly easy to register and set up a domain based email account, and it could save you a lot of wasted time and effort both now and in the future. By switching to a domain based email address you can reduce the chances of your marketing emails being marked as spam by the ISPs and keep your deliverability as high as possible.

If you have any questions about sending emails from Yahoo and AOL sender addresses let us know!

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