Today, I received an email from Zendesk. It was sitting in my inbox waiting for me to open it:

Zendesk 1

When I opened it, I noticed that Zendesk was celebrating an anniversary with us (together as Sendloop and Zendesk).

We no longer use Zendesk to power our support desk. We used it a few years ago, but we eventually decided to go with an in-house solution. Regardless, Zendesk still sent us an email to celebrate our anniversary for signing up with them. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.45.46 PM

I think this is a brilliant idea! This kind-hearted email will put a smile on its recipients’ faces. It’s also a smart marketing strategy to remind users of Zendesk.

This email started me to thinking about how other SaaS and ecommerce sites can implement a similar delivery. It’s not easy … it will take some time.

Here’s why:

  • First, you need to write code that will loop the signup dates of your user database. It must be able to calculate whether or not it’s the user’s anniversary.
  • Next, your code will create a list of “recipients” to send pre-written anniversary emails to.
  • Here’s the issue with this brilliant idea: to send these emails requires usage of your own mail server or a 3rd party mail server (to stay away from deliverability technical details).

Now you see that this brilliant idea isn’t an easy one to implement!

This is where Sendloop’s marketing automation tool comes into play.

Introducing the Sendloop Marketing Automation

Sendloop’s Marketing Automation only takes 30 seconds to install. It’s as easy as installing Google Analytics.

Afterwards, you’re set to send an anniversary email to your user base. Sendloop will handle the rest, including making sure your email gets to the right person at the right time.

Sendloop Marketing Automation

As you can see from the above example, I setup an anniversary email that will be sent to users with a first year anniversary. No technical knowledge is required, and it’s as easy as writing on Microsoft Word.

Because I’m a big believer of plain text emails, I wrote my email in plain text without any fancy graphics. You, however, can setup a better email with attractive graphics, different fonts, and colors.

Sendloop’s Marketing Automation is the next generation of email marketing. It’s a must have feature for all SaaS and eCommerce websites.