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RSS Dynamic Contents

Let Sendloop detect new posts on your blog and send emails automatically. Let your subscribers and audience get informed by email whenever you have an update on your blog.


With Sendloop’s RSS-to-email feature you can publish content on our blog and Sendloop will handle the rest for you. It will send the email containing your new blog post to your audience. And best of all, you can combine multiple RSS feed sources into one email.

Some use cases;

  • Blog owners
    Whenever there’s a new post on your blog, Sendloop can fetch the latest X posts on your blog and send to your blog subscribers.
  • E-commerce website owners
    Whenever you add a new product to your e-commerce website, Sendloop can get details of those new added products and send an email to your customers including those product details.
  • SaaS / Software owners
    Whenever you add a new feature to your software or SaaS, Sendloop can send a “new feature announcement” email including the screen shots, description and all other details to your customers and mail list subscribers.
  • Every Friday, you can send the most popular posts on your blog to your subscribers as a “summary of the week”
  • At the end of every day, you can send a brief email including latest news from CNN, Bloomberg, etc. to your subscribers.
  • Add RSS feed sources of your competitors to the email and whenever an update happens on these RSS feeds (such as a new feature release by one of your competitors), an email can be sent to you and your team.

Send Repeating Emails

For example, every Friday, let Sendloop fetch the most popular blog posts of that week and send to your subscribers.

Instant Update

Whenever a new post is published on your blog, let Sendloop send a notification email to your subscribers.

Real-Time Reports

Track real-time reports including email open rates, click rates, opt-out rates, etc. for each delivery.

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