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The easiest way to turn your agency into an email marketing service overnight!

You have customers, we have the ultimate email marketing software for your business. In just a few minutes, build your own email marketing service and start adding additional revenue to your business.

The best of all, you don’t need to be a technical guy. Getting started takes only a few minutes! We manage all technical details for you. You simply focus on your new business and start boosting your revenue, right now!

No technical skills required. Takes only a few minutes!

4 easy steps to get started:

  • Setup your own custom domain
  • Rebrand under your own corporate identity
  • Change the user interface colors
  • Set your own pricing for your clients

Adding a new value added service to your business wouldn’t be easier. Within just a few minutes, you will have your new value added service ready for your customers.

The experienced Sendloop team is here to help you, at anytime you need assistance. We designed Sendloop Whitelabel to make it as easy as possible to start your own email marketing service business.

Build your email marketing service right now!

Partnership discount

That’s right! When you become a whitelabel user, you will get 20% discount on all our pricing across Sendloop. This makes you competitive against Sendloop and all other popular ESPs all around the world.

You will also get early access to our new feature releases.

Profit Simulator

Use the profit simulator below
to calculate how much you will profit every year

The markup rate you will add to Sendloop's special partnership discounted monthly plan fees:
Your annual profit will be $0.00/year
Plan No. of Clients Client pays Your monthly profit
Up to 500 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m
Up to 5000 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m
Up to 10,000 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m
Up to 25,000 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m
Up to 50,000 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m
Up to 100,000 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m
Up to 200,000 subscribers $0.00/m $0.00/m

Set your own pricing, make profit!

You can set your own pricing for your clients should pay to send their email campaigns. Set your own prices above our base rates and earn a profit for each client you will get onboard.

At the end of each month, we will calculate your profit and send it to you via PayPal or wire-transfer.

Below, you can play with our profit simulator to estimate your annual recurring revenue from Sendloop Whitelabel feature.

Rebrand the user interface

Upload your own logo, change user interface colors, set your own domain to run Sendloop under your own brand for your clients.

All these settings can be completed within minutes. No technical skills are required. Experienced Sendloop Team will be ready to assist you whenever you need help.

Industry leading infrastructure

More than 23,000 customers all around the world rely on the Sendloop email delivery platform. Our infrastructure is both secure and reliable boasting 99.9% uptime backed by exceptional customer support.

Sendloop owns one of the biggest email delivery IP pool both in North America and Europe regions with more than 12,000 private, dedicated delivery IP addresses.

Build your email marketing service right now!