API For Developers

Developer friendly, restful API access

A. Getting started

Sendloop's full featured API will give you enough flexibility and integration opportunities. With the help of our full featured API, you can integrate your Sendloop account into your own system or extend functionalities easily.

Sendloop's API uses basic HTTP GET and POST methods to receive and send data. You can do almost everything that you can do on the user interface.

API command syntax

You can access to your account API with the following format:


Replace this with your own Sendloop account sub-domain
Replace this with the API command you are going to call
Specify how you wish to receive the response from API. Available format options are "json", "xml", "php"

Heads Up!

Whenever you are going to make an API connection, you must pass your API key as post data. Otherwise, API error response will be returned. In order to pass your API key, first generate it in your account and then pass it with "APIKey" post data.

Generating API key

You can generate unlimited API keys for each application you are going to integrate. In this way, you can isolate security risks. In order to generate an API key, simply login to your Sendloop account, click "Settings" on the top right menu. Then click "API Settings" tab. On top right, you will see "Create new API key" button. Click on it. A new IP key will be generated for you.

You will need this key when connecting to Sendloop's API.

Example API call

Below, you can find an example curl command line connecting to Sendloop's API and getting the system time. In this example, we assume that API key is a dummy string.

curl -d APIKey=xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx \

The response will be:

    "Success": true,
    "SystemDate": "2012-06-18 23:50:50",
    "SystemTimeZone": "Europe\/London"

PHP library for Sendloop API

We prepared a small PHP library for you to make it even easier to connect to Sendloop API inside your PHP libraries.

This API class gives you opportunity to do anything you can do via API connection. With the new powerful API, you can build your own re-branded iPhone/iPad application or build a re-branded reporting/email marketing platform on your own server.

To download PHP wrapper class for Sendloop API, please visit the Sendloop PHP API library on Google site

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