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A. Developing an app for Sendloop

Sendloop is a digital marketing platform for small businesses. From email marketing to marketing automation, from lead generation to email gateway services, Sendloop provides all kind of email related features to small businesses all around the globe.

In addition to Sendloop's powerful and feature-rich email marketing automation and lead generation features, now Sendloop platform is open to developers and companies all around the world. You can now extend functionalities of Sendloop and let Sendloop users install and use your apps inside (or outside) Sendloop.

Sendloop App Store opens our platform to third party developers and companies. The developer-friendly app store infrastructure and full-featured API allows developers easily build apps for Sendloop users who are almost 40,000 in 163 countries.

As of September 2016, quick facts about Sendloop;

  1. ~40,000 active users
  2. Almost a billion email delivery per month
  3. 15,000 fully owned delivery IP addresses
  4. Ten thousands of active paying customers

Developing a Sendloop app and communicating with Sendloop API is quite easy and straight-forward. No matter in what programming language you are developing, you can easily build a Sendloop app and exchange data with Sendloop API.

To help you get used to Sendloop App Platform and API, we have written various articles for you:

  1. Creating your first app
  2. App review process by Sendloop
  3. API reference
  4. Example app
  5. Rules and policies
  6. Charging for your apps
  7. Join the community
  8. Changes and timeline
  9. Help us improve

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