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[Case Study] How Connected Pictures utilizes email marketing for its clients without spending time on delivery management

Connected Pictures from London was looking for an easy-to-use email marketing platform for its own initiatives, such as The Beautiful Truth. The agency also was looking for a hands-on and experienced team that would help its email marketing campaigns succeed.

Connected Pictures streamlined its monthly email marketing campaigns and also organized its audience under one roof. With the help of the powerful audience management portal, the marketers can target new email campaigns for specific audience groups quickly. Connected Pictures built its email marketing strategy and put it into action in less than a few weeks.

“Sendloop’s MDS service helped us to build a robust and continuous email marketing strategy. This was the biggest change and helped us to build a strong connection with our audience.” – Christine de León

Christine de Leon
Christine de León
Head of Content, Connected Pictures
Connected Pictures

Why Sendloop MDS Makes Your Email Deliveries Successful

Tailored to your needs, managed by the industry specialists with 20 years of experience

One to one contact

Direct, One-To-One Contact


Get Your Email Delivery Team


Sender Reputation Monitoring


Comprehensive Reporting

Choose Sendloop Managed Delivery Service and Never Worry About Email Deliverability Again

Blacklist Monitoring

24/7 Blacklist Monitoring

No matter how many emails you send, even a few thousands or multi-millions of emails, our experienced email delivery engineers will monitor your deliveries against any possible blacklisting problems.

When the email delivery volume increases, false blacklisting issues will increase. Our team will identify these problems and start de-listing processes on behalf of you. All these incidents will also be reported to you.

24/7 Reputation Monitoring

Your delivery reputation (including both sender domain and IP addresses) will be 24/7 monitored by our team.

Instant drop on your reputation will be detected and we will analyze the current situation for you to provide you executive-level status updates.

We will work together with you identify potential problems with your mail lists to help you build sender reputation in the right way.

Reputation Monitoring
Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster Monitoring

Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster Monitoring

Your deliveries and the health of deliveries will be monitored on Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster platforms.

Any potential email delivery problems to these problems will be identified and reported to you.

We will guide you to take appropriate actions to keep your good-standing with these two email service platforms.

Tailor Made Managed Email Delivery

No matter how large email deliveries you’re doing, our MDS team will support you. From managed IP/sender domain warm-up processes, to weekly strategy sessions, exclusive delivery analysis to IP/sender domain reputation management, Sendloop MDS will give you a tailored, custom-made managed email delivery service.

Sendloop Managed Delivery Service
Sendloop Managed Delivery Service

Instant Delivery Monitoring and Proactive Actions

Our advanced monitoring systems and experienced MDS Team monitors your deliveries regularly and alerts you for potential risks coming up. Possible solutions to avoid potential risks are discussed during weekly strategy sessions.

Transform Your Email Marketing Into High-Converting Channel

Imagine Getting Higher Conversion Rates Than Your Competitors

Starts from

$ 1750 per month
  • Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster monitoring
  • 24/7 IP and Sender Reputation Monitoring
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Managed IP Warm-Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Take a look at the most frequent questions coming from our customers below:

Is it hard to set up?

No, there's no set up process on your end. Once you are enrolled on Sendloop MDS, you will continue using Sendloop for your email marketing campaigns. Our delivery team will get you enrolled on our MDS program.

What's included in the intro call?

We will ask some questions about your business, your email marketing strategy and your expectations from your email marketing campaigns. We will also learn how many emails you send and at what intervals.

How does billing work?

Every month, our system will charge your card on file for the Sendloop MDS program enrollment. Your invoice will be emailed in PDF format.

What exactly do I get when I sign up?

You get access to Sendloop with unlimited campaigns and unlimited subscribers. You will start getting weekly and/or monthly MDS reports and one-hour one-to-one cals with our experienced Sendloop Delivery engineers.

How much does it cost?

Our Sendloop MDS plans start from $1750 per month. The pricing will vary based on many criteria including your monthly delivery volume and service levels you need.

How do I cancel Sendloop MDS enrollment?

It's a one-click process and takes only a second. Once you click cancellation button on your Sendloop dashboard, your Sendloop MDS enrollment will be canceled. You can still continue using Sendloop as a regular user.

What happens if I wait?

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Every day, your team will spend unnecessary time trying to manage delivery success of your email marketing campaigns. Their frustration will also reflect on their work, and your conversions from email marketing will decline. This is a high-priority problem. You shouldn't wait to solve it.

What's included in the support service?

One-to-one Zoom calls, email and live chat support, and a 24-hour maximum response time on business days. You can book a one-to-one call session to ask your questions, get help, or get advice about your email marketing campaigns.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We are a group of email marketing enthusiasts who have developed several email marketing solutions for different industries. Sendloop (for small businesses), Mailium (for car dealers), Octeth (for hosting companies) and PreviewMyEmail (for ESPs, acquired) are some of them. We love email marketing.

What are the next steps?

Click the "Request Intro Call" button and submit the requested information. Once we receive your call request, we will evaluate it and get back to you. We will also contact you to schedule a quick 30-minute intro session.

How many dedicated IP addresses do I need?

Sendloop is one of the biggest email delivery infrastructure owner ESPs with more than 12,000 fully owned IP addresses. This means a huge email delivery capacity and performance. Our smart email delivery systems monitor and decide how many dedicated IP addresses your deliveries need or if a shared IP address would be better.

What if I'm not tech-savvy?

Don't worry; we built the product so everyone can use it. You don't need to be tech-savvy to experience results. Just follow the process, and you will become successful at email marketing.

How do I get a refund for the service I paid for?

This is a service that cannot be refunded. Therefore, we provide 7-day trial before charging you. If you cancel your subscription in the first 7 days, you will not be charged for the service.

What if I don't have the budget for a tool like this?

This is a professional tool. Once you use it, you will generate extra revenue from your clients’ email marketing campaigns. Your costs for email marketing management will be minimized while your profit is maximized. You should invest in a tool like this before anything else. Sales cure all, and this will drive more sales to your agency.

I want to wait to implement a solution like this...

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Every day, your team will spend unnecessary time trying to manage email marketing campaign deliveries. Their frustration will also reflect on their work, and your clients will notice. This is a high-priority problem. You shouldn't wait to solve it.

Are there any long-term contracts?

Absolutely not! We do not have long-term contracts. You have the option to cancel your account at any time you want. Stay as a happy customer and leave whenever you want.

Turn Your Email Marketing Into High Conversion Channel

Email Delivery Success Is The Essential Part Of A Successful Email Marketing System.

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