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Why Sendloop?

We believe in the power of email! After 25 years since it’s been founded, it’s still the most powerful and effective communication tool for businesses and individuals.

Powerful Infrastructure

Sendloop owns one of the biggest infrastructure in its region and in United States. No matter how many emails are sent, our systems can handle the load.

Happy Customers

We don’t have millions of users. But more than 20,000 customers use Sendloop every day to send their emails and increase their sales.


Since 1999, we are in email marketing business. We have developed several email marketing solutions and served to more than 100,000 users all around the world.

Rapid and Responsive Development

We are a highly proactive team. We shape the future of email marketing by our latest-technology features, approaches and customer service.

Global Service

Sendloop is incorporated in both United States and Turkey. Sendloop Team members provide exceptional service from three different cities in two countries.