Are You Cleaning Your Subscriber Lists? Here’s Why You Should

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Sendloop has established policies that limit the number of spam complaints, hard bounces, and unsubscribe requests caused by your email campaigns; if you exceed any of these thresholds, Sendloop flags your account for activity expressly prohibited by our anti-spam policy.

A lot of times, old or stale email addresses are the cause of high levels of these metrics. To reduce the incidence of these events, you can clean your subscriber lists.

What are stale email addresses?

Stale email addresses are those that have been on your list for a long time, but the recipient no longer opens, reads, or clicks on your links.

What is list cleaning?

List cleaning is the act of providing one or more of your subscriber list to an email verification service (such as Kickbox or Hunter. This service then tells you which addresses are least likely to be successful. You are then responsible for removing the addresses from your list (generally speaking, the email verification service does not do this for your).

Why should I clean my list?

By cleaning your list, you remove the addresses of those who are no longer interested in your emails, as well as the addresses that no longer work. You’ll reduce the number of hard bounces and spam complaints due to your email campaigns, which keeps Sendloop from flagging your account for prohibited activity.

Additionally, email providers keep track of activity originating from you. Spam-like behavior from you negatively affects your reputation, making it more likely that your messages get caught in spam filters (regardless of whether your emails are legitimate or not).