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Sertac Ogut photo

Sertac Ogut

Agency Owner, Ocelott

“Thanks to Sendloop Studio, we can run better email marketing campaigns for our clients. We tried almost all email marketing platforms out there but could never get more than what we’re doing with Sendloop Studio.”

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Christine de León photo

Christine de León

Head of Content, Connected Pictures

“Sendloop’s MDS service helped us to build a robust and continuous email marketing strategy. This was the biggest change and helped us to build a strong connection with our audience.”

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Adnan LaPamuk photo

Adnan LaPamuk

Agency Owner, Konsist

“Konsist is now managing all client accounts, assets, and campaigns under one roof. The Sendloop Studio team is so awesome to work with; they got us 100% productivity boost on our email marketing services.”

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Marquina Iliev-Piselli photo

Marquina Iliev-Piselli

Digital Marketing Director, Riffle

“The customer service is very responsive. We chose Sendloop over 4 other vendors to announce a new product to our client-base. Using Sendloop has been a great way to tell our current and past clients about our new products and services.”

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Jorge Margolles

Jorge Margolles

Noovo Editions

“Sendloop helps our company to have an effective email marketing service with an easy way to build our own email newsletters. The service is extremely easy-to-use and reaching out our readers doesn’t require any technical assistance or knowledge.”

Robert Abala

Robert Abala


“We have used several newsletter products prior to Sendloop though none of them come close to Sendloop. Some might have a feature or two more, though none of them were able to provide us with the personalized support service such as Sendloop, not to mention that they have very competitive prices.”

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