Dedicated Delivery IP Addresses

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One of the things email providers look at when processing your incoming emails is your IP address. There are many factors they consider, but their end goal is to figure out if the IP address is used by spammers or if the emails are originating from a legitimate sender. When you use Sendloop, you will be assigned to a pool of shared IP addresses.

Sendloop’s email delivery infrastructure automatically assigns delivery-related IP addresses to each user account based on factors including (but not limited to):

  • Email list size
  • Volume of deliveries
  • Frequency of deliveries
  • Recipient engagement scores
  • Sender’s domain age

Please contact us at any time if:

  • You would like additional information on whether a shared pool or a dedicated IP address better fits your needs;
  • We have assigned your account to a pool with shared IP addresses, but you need a dedicated IP address.