Should You Send Holiday Greetings Email? If Yes, Here Are Some Tips

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This time of the year we are either on vacation or with our family. We all do not want our inbox clogged with Happy New Year or similar greetings. Why read it? The subject line has already made it obvious. I usually delete them all without even opening them.

You also noticed that companies also send out thankful emails for being their clients or on their list to you. If you are the one thinking what’s the point? So you can choose not to send out similar greetings. Most of the customers do not want to see similar holiday greeting messages. If you really want to send, you can send it before or after the holiday season.

It’s never a bad idea to offer your clients discounts or special promotions with sending them an email. People like to be noticed from sales, promotions or discounts. It may provide brand awareness, revenue and new customers for your company or service.

If everyone is sending a Happy New Year greeting, you should not do that or you should play with the subject title. Otherwise your email gets lost among your competitors emails. Instead, you can try a subject line that is a bit out of the holiday norm. You can find a nice touch that makes your brand unique and shows your customers that you think about them in the holiday season or special days.

Happy Holidays!