Dynamic and Remote Content For Auto Responders

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You have built highly effective lead generation channels on your website, Facebook page and even with your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns. You are getting tens of new leads every day and sending them an instant auto responder email including a special promotion or incentive. So far so good, but you want to make it better. You want to include a special discount coupon for each new subscriber. You want this discount coupon to be special to the owner email address only. In addition, you want to display an image inside your auto responder email showing the latest product on your e-commerce website. This is quite possible with our new feature, “Dynamic and Remote Content” for auto responders.

What you need to do is, edit the welcome email which gets sent right after the subscription and add the special remote content block. Whenever a new lead subscribes, this welcome email will be triggered but Sendloop will connect to remote URLs you have defined and fetch the dynamic content for the recipient. Therefore, you can send highly targeted and dynamic auto responder email to your new leads.

Detailed information about “Dynamic and Remote Content” feature can be found on our help portal.

To get started quickly, simply go to “Website Forms” section of the target subscriber list and click “Welcome Email” link:


On the “welcome email” editor, simply choose the “Remote Content” merge tag and place it where appropriate: