Grouping Subscriber Lists

Best Practices in Email Marketing 2019

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If you have a lot of subscriber lists, you can manage them using Groups. Groups are sets of subscriber lists that share some feature, such as the website from which they gain subscribers or their target audience.

Adding a Subscriber List to a Group

Navigate to the Subscriber Management page by clicking on Subscribers after logging into the Sendloop Dashboard.

Identify the list you want to be added to a group, and click on Options on the bottom right of its box. On the drop-down menu, click on Move lists to a group.

If you don’t currently have any groups, you’ll be asked to create one. All you need to provide is a name for the list.

If you have one or more groups already, you can choose to Move to a new group (which then requires you to provide a name for the new group) or Move to an existing group (which requires you to select the existing group to which you want the list moved).

Click Move to move the list into the appropriate group.