How to Dominate the Thanksgiving Market with Email Campaigns

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Thanksgiving is a great time to send out your brilliantly created email campaigns. Most customers tend to spend more during holiday season, so why not make the most of it to improve your email marketing results?

If you know how to drive your campaign and call your customers to action (i.e. spending more) with emails, all you need to do next is sit down and enjoy your turkey dinner.

If you’re still not sure where to start, here are some tips to help you boost your overall profits at this busy time of year:

Thanksgiving Greetings

Your customers are the backbone of your business and if you’re looking for a way to thank them for being the main reason for your existence, a special Thanksgiving greeting email can be a great way to show your appreciation.

At this time of year, you need to be more creative about your email subject lines and content. If you just send a regular email, your customers won’t find it as relevant to them and are less likely to become inspired to check your site and online store.

If you want to differentiate your email campaign from others, you can try using a symbol in your subject line. For example, a small heart symbol can make your readers sympathize your email and bring you one step closer towards making the actual sale.

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The bigger the traffic, the higher the sales

Your email campaign is the first step in getting traffic to your site, so you will need to lead your recipients in the right direction. If you give them something that they can’t resist, they will definitely visit your site.

To continue the Thanksgiving theme, a golden roasted turkey will work just perfectly. Take it one step further and personalize the turkey, make it talk and call your customers to your site. Once the customers are on your site, you can show them a list of products that will appeal to them.

Who can resist great gifts and inviting offers?

If, for example, you are selling kitchenware and food items, why not create special offers to increase your sales?

If you are not selling services or products related to Thanksgiving, or if you are targeting the B2B market, no worries, you can also do some creative things to appeal to your customers.

Now you know that customers are willing to buy at this time of year, give them some discount coupons or free gifts like e-books, designs, valuable content, etc. If you give them something useful, they may well thank you by spending money on your site.

Here is a small list of things that you can offer in your email campaign:

  • Website templates
  • Email templates
  • Calendar tools
  • Subscriptions or subscription discounts
  • Services related to your business
  • Everybody Likes Giving Presents

As mentioned earlier, customers tend to spend more during holidays. When it comes to Thanksgiving, the amount is around 38% more.

If you create an email campaign that appeals to your customers, then your products or services will be in the top of their minds when it comes to buying presents for their loved ones.

Treat your old customers in a new way

It’s always a good idea to run exclusive email campaigns for the customers who have purchased from your site before. You can consider sending promo codes or giving actual money like $10 credit for purchases above $50.

If you have a physical store, you can also offer in-store returns as an option for your customers. This can make you appear more reliable and allay any fears your customers might have about purchasing from your site.

While running your email campaigns and rocking them, you can also consider creating a buzz through your social media accounts.

Create a fever of customer competition with a contest

You may think that contests are not the most direct way of marketing and advertising, but if you try one for Thanksgiving, you could see a surprising effect on your sales.

Contests can spread easily via word of mouth and increase your number of subscribers. They don’t necessarily have to be huge contests, you can just create a small test and get ideas from your customers. The results can then help you direct your future campaigns.

The best prizes to give at this time of year are ones that your customers can use during the holiday period. For example, you can give away one month of your Pro service free during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Make the most of Thanksgiving Day by running email campaigns using these strategies.

As a customer yourself, think about how flattered you are when the companies you subscribe to offer you something really great. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and boost your sales on Thanksgiving.