How to send Happy Thanksgiving email that converts

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Every email has a purpose in business, and mainly it’s converting leads into buyers, right?

And Thanksgiving Day is approaching, only a day left. You should send an email to your recipients and congratulate their Thanksgiving day.


To make a direct sale? Of course no. But to help them remember you, your business.

Customer relationship is just same as friend relationship. You should be in close contact with your customers. Otherwise, they will forget the value your business offers.

Sending emails on important days like anniversaries, new year, holiday season and Thanksgiving day is a great way power-up the relationship between you and your customers.

However, creating an email which looks great is difficult. Many senders either discard sending email or just send a quick email with no attractive layout and content.

On the other side, a nice looking email which is displayed properly on both computer screen as well as mobile device screen shouldn’t be so difficult. Beautiful emails are read by more recipients. They tend to click opt-out link less. They click the call-to-action button and they tend to follow your way. To help you on the email layout design and send beautiful Thanksgiving Day email, we prepared two email templates. They are absolutely free to use! Download, share with your friends and use for your own business.

Thanksgiving Day Email Template

Download Thanksgiving Day email templates

There are two HTML email templates inside the ZIP file. Both emails are responsive (mobile device compatible) and ready to be used inside Sendloop. If you are using a third party service provider, don’t forget to customize the opt-out link for your service provider.

These two emails have been designed over Zurb Ink’s responsive email HTML framework and proven to work on both desktop and mobile devices. Also please consider converting all styles into inline-styles right before passing your email to the service provider. This will make sure that your email looks great on all email clients and services.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!