Important change on how we deliver emails

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We are excited to announce an important change on how we deliver emails to recipient email addresses. As some of you know, big email service providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail have changed their spam filtering rules recently which started to cause more emails to go into spam/junk folder (which is good). However, this issue caused inbox delivery problems for legitimate email senders.

Hotmail and similar big email services are now classify emails based on recipient engagement as well. This means that your recipients who opens your emails and click links will help you to increase delivery reputation.

For the last three months, we have been monitoring recipient engagements and scoring (between 0 and 5 points) every single subscriber in our system. You can see the score of a subscriber on the new subscriber dashboard screen we have announced last week.

In a few weeks, we will start delivering to top scored recipients first and then lower-scored recipients. This will help your delivery reputation to be maximized. Also, we will provide you some cool features such as filtering low-scored recipients, removing them, etc. In this way, you can keep your list up-to-date with recipients who open your emails, click links and react.

Please stay tuned for an update soon.