Introducing our RSS to email feature

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Today, we are excited to introduce our latest feature, RSS-To-Email. This has been a long awaited and our most requested feature and finally it’s available on all Sendloop user accounts. Yay!

So, just what is this RSS-to-email feature?


Well, basically this feature allows you to embed dynamic content from remote sources such as blogs, news websites, ecommerce websites and many others. In addition to classic, static content written during the creation of your email campaign, you can now include remote fetched dynamic content in your emails.


And most importantly, you can trigger email deliveries whenever there’s an update on these remote content sources.

What can you do with the RSS-to-email feature?

This amazing feature can be used in many ways. Some popular ways are;

  1. Blog owners
    Whenever there’s a new post on your blog, Sendloop can fetch the latest posts and send them to your blog subscribers.
  2. E-commerce website owners
    Whenever you add a new product to your e-commerce website, Sendloop can get the details and send them in an email to your customers.
  3. SaaS / Software owners
    Whenever you add a new feature to your software or SaaS, Sendloop can send a “new feature announcement” email including the screenshots, description and all other details to your customers and mail list subscribers.
  4. Every Friday, you can send the most popular posts on your blog to your subscribers as a “summary of the week”.
  5. At the end of every day, you can send a brief email to your subscribers including the latest news from CNN, Bloomberg, etc.
  6. Add the RSS feed sources of your competitors to your email and whenever an update takes place on these RSS feeds (such as a new feature release by one of your competitors), an email can be sent to you and your team.

How do I use this feature?

It’s easy. Whether you create your email based on one of our 70+ responsive email templates or with our advanced HTML code editor, you can add unlimited RSS feed sources to various locations on your email by following these steps:

If you are creating your email based on our 70+ responsive email templates;

  1. Once you are on the email builder, simply move your mouse over the “other block” option (three dots) on the left toolbar. You will see the RSS-to-email content block. Drag and drop this content block into the appropriate email location.
  2. Then click on the “Settings” icon on this content block and set the RSS feed source URL and number of items to fetch etc.
  3. Once your email content is ready for delivery, you have four options for delivery:
    1. Save now as “draft”: This saves your email as “draft” to your account and it can be edited and scheduled any time in the future.
    2. Send repeatedly: This option lets you send the email at regular intervals such as “every Friday”. Or you can let Sendloop send this email whenever there’s an update on the RSS feed.
    3. Send later: This lets you schedule the email to send at a later time automatically.
    4. Send now: When you click this button, it will be sent to your recipients immediately.

If you are creating your email by using our advanced HTML editor;

  1. On the advanced HTML editor page, click the “Add dynamic content” option on the toolbar.
  2. Then click the “Posts from an RSS feed” option.
  3. This will automatically add an RSS dynamic content block to your email HTML code. Simply customize the template and that’s all.

This is a powerful, yet easy to use feature. Basically, you can create a notification system whenever there’s news on CNN or any other site on a certain topic, within just 60 seconds.

The Sendloop RSS-to-email feature is now publicly available for anyone to add into your emails. Point your designers, developers, or marketers to our new RSS-to-email feature. We’re here to answer any questions you have!