Introducing Sub-User Accounts

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At Sendloop we believe in listening to our users and responding to their needs, and we are very excited to unveil one of the most popular feature requests we have for a while. We have been working on this feature for the last 4 months and we are happy to announce that it’s now available to all Sendloop users.

What are sub-user accounts?

From now on, you can create sub-user accounts for your colleagues, customers, friends or anyone else you want to have access to your lists or email campaigns. Once created, these sub-user accounts can login and send email campaigns, access authorised lists and manage their own records.

What about privileges and limits?

For each sub-user account you create, you can specify which lists they have access to and whether or not they have permission to browse subscribers. You can also put their scheduled email campaigns on approval before sending them.

How many sub-user accounts can you create?

Unlimited! Yes – you heard right. You can create unlimited user accounts!

I’m a digital agency owner, can I provide a rebranded email marketing service to my customers?

We are almost there. Soon you will be able to re-brand your Sendloop account and provide email marketing services to your customers, under your own brand, with your own pricing tiers.

I want to verify each outgoing email from my sub-user accounts. Is this possible?

Absolutely! There is an optional feature which if enabled means that your sub-user accounts will not be able to send emails without your final approval.

Do I have to upgrade to a monthly plan to use this feature?

Absolutely not. You can still use our sub-user account feature while enjoying our free or pay-as-you-go plans.

I have an existing Sendloop account. Can I also set my account as a sub-user account for another account?

Yes! You don’t need to create a new sub-user account. Simply add your registered email address as a sub-user account on another Sendloop account and next time you login, we will ask you which account you would like to use.

We hope you like our new feature. It’s been a complicated one but we think it’s worth every single hour we have spent on it. We hope to improve this sub-user account feature a lot more in the coming weeks and months, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. Feel free to tweet, write a comment below or contact us directly via to share your thoughts.

Need help setting up your sub-user accounts? Take a look at our sub-user account setup help article.