Introducing the new dashboard

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Our silence since our last blog post (almost 1 month ago – time is passing so fast…) we did several improvements to Sendloop… In this blog post, we will inform you about the recent dashboard page change:

The New Sendloop Dashboard

The new dashboard is now faster to load and gives you quick info about the most recent email campaign you have sent.

On the top left, you will see the thumbnail of your email including quick statistics such as open rates. In the middle, you have a search box to make a quick search across your subscriber lists.

On the right, you get informed about most recent changes/updates about Sendloop.

And on the left bottom, you have your plan subscription box. You can upgrade, downgrade or purchase email credits at anytime.

Also, we improved the application navigation bar on the top which gives you quick access to all essential features of your Sendloop account, such as creating an email campaign or adding subscribers.

We hope you like the new dashboard. We will be happy to hear your thoughts…