Introducing the new email builder

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At Sendloop, we monitor every single user activity to determine the needs of our users and shape the future of Sendloop according to our user needs.

For the last 6 months, we have been working on our new email builder. We talked to 50+ customers on the phone, made hundreds of chat sessions and emailed numerous times with our customers.

We identified needs of our customers and designed a brand new email builder. Our only focus point was easiness and simplicity.

In the end, the new email builder was born. It’s not different from a word processor. This means, everyone is already used to our new email builder.

Email Builder
Our email builder is as easy as using a Word processor. You don’t need to spend time learning on a new system

Whether you have your own email layout or not, we have several options for our users. You can use your very own email layout or choose one of the available email template. Each template comes with its own content layouts such as image gallery, social buttons, paragraphs with images, etc. You can add/remove different content blocks and build your own email layout.

Email Builder
Different email templates and layouts are available

But you are not limited to Sendloop’s email templates nor email design features. You can use any email application or builder to design your own email template. Basically, Sendloop makes all email templates in the world at your service.

Are you using Apple Mail? Open your Apple Mail, design an email from tens of available stationery emails and then import it into your Sendloop account in a second! Are you using Mail Designer on Mac? Design your email and send it to your Sendloop account. In a second, your email will be ready in your Sendloop account.

Email Builder
Design your email on a third party app and import into your Sendloop account in a second

Or did you create and upload your email HTML code to your website? Simply fetch it from your website and send it as email to your audience.

Email Builder
Did you upload your HTML email to your website? Take it into your Sendloop account instantly

Another easiness of our new email builder is testing and previewing. You don’t need to go back and forth any more. You can preview your email on web browser, mobile device or by email while editing your email. This is a huge time saver!

Email Builder
Preview your email on a web browser and mobile device

Another big improvement is our new media library. You can upload images to your media library by dragging from your own computer, or upload from your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Picasa accounts.

Email Builder
Drag-n-drop image library. Upload images from your Facebook or Flickr accounts.

Are you a coder and enjoy coding your HTML emails? Good news! We have a syntax highlighted HTML code editor now. Simply switch to source code view and start editing your email HTML code.

Email Builder
HTML code editor is at your service. Ideal for coders 😉

Not finished yet 🙂 We are aware that writing the same email content in plain text format is exhausting and many users skip this step. However, it’s one of the most important part of email design process. Now, with a single click, you can build the plain text version of your email from the HTML content. A single mouse click, get plain text in a second!

Email Builder
Build your plain text version of your email with a single click! Convert your HTML content into plain text.

Wondering how spam filters react against your email content? Sendloop will check your email content while you are editing it and alert you in real-time if there’s anything wrong. The “SPAM Score” button will turn into a yellow or red indicator according to spam filter test results. When you click on the SPAM filter test indicator, Sendloop will show you the list of problems.

Email Builder
Real-time spam filter tester. Sendloop will test your email content as you write and alert you.

Finally, you decide when to send your email. Right now or at a future time. Sendloop will do the rest and deliver your email to your audience. Just sit back and watch your email report…

Email Builder
Send your email right away or at a future time. Schedule and Sendloop will do the rest for you.

The new email builder is just the beginning. Some cool new features related to email builder is on the way in coming weeks.

This new email builder wouldn’t be designed “simplicity” focused without the feedback of our great users. On behalf of the Sendloop Team, I want to thank to all our users for sharing their feedbacks with us. We are so lucky to have such a pro-active user base.

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