Introducing the new list browse screen

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We are changing the user interface of Sendloop to the new one step-by-step and the latest change has been made to list browse screen. It’s now more clean, provides a nice subscription activity chart and also lets you to make a global email address search across your lists.

Global email address search:

This cool feature will let you to make a global search on your subscriber lists for the keyword you have entered.

Search email addresses across your lists

With a single click to your search results, you will be redirected to the subscriber details page.

Data Export:

A single mouse click will let you to export your subscriber data in CSV format. You can import this file format into Excel, Numbers or any other third party application easily.

Subscriber data export tool

Subscription activity charts:

Get a quick look at subscription activities for each one of your list:

Subscription activity chart

That’s all for now but lots of new features are on the way. We will be announcing several new features in following days.

We hope you like the new subscriber list management screen.

The new subscriber list management screen