Introducing the new subscriber dashboard

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This week, we worked on the new subscriber dashboard section and just deployed it to our production servers. We liked the new subscriber dashboard screen a lot. It comes with new features as well:

  • Displays subscription, bounce and suppression statuses
  • Displays subscription and unsubscription proof
  • Displays all available personal information
  • Displays profile image captured from social sites and
  • Displays recipient’s campaign engagement score. This score shows how your subscriber is active based on clicks, opens, spam complaints, unsubscriptions, etc.
  • Displays the list of activity such as campaign opens, link clicks, browser views, spam complaints, bounce detections, etc.

The New Sendloop Subscriber Dashboard

With the release of this new subscriber dashboard feature, we also deployed some cool backend improvements which will let us to increase our delivery speed and quality in following weeks. Great features will be released in following weeks.

We hope you like the new subscriber dashboard. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime for your feedback.