Introducing the new Transaction Email Gateway

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Transaction emails… The one of the most important communication channel of e-commerce websites, SaaS businesses and similar websites. From new user signup emails to password reset emails, from notification emails to order confirmation emails, from shipment emails to message notification emails, transaction emails should definitely be delivered to user inboxes.

In addition to professional email marketing and marketing automation features, Sendloop also provides transaction email gateway service. And today, we are excited to announce the release of the new and revised transaction email gateway service.

Sendloop Email Gateway Service

Activating your email gateway service is quite straight forward and takes only a minute. After logging to your Sendloop account, click “Email Gateway” feature on the top menu. You will be guided through the activation process:

Sendloop Transaction Email Gateway

Once the activation process is completed (which takes around a minute), you can start sending your system emails through our transaction email gateway via API or SMTP access. You can get real-time and detailed delivery logs and reports on Email Gateway section.

You can pass your transaction email content yourself or reference it to an email campaign you have created on Sendloop. Our email gateway API also supports Moustache template framework for the universal email template personalization capability.

Start using Sendloop Transaction Email Gateway service and stop worrying about delivery of your important transaction emails.

The transaction email gateway API documentation can be found on our help portal.

p.s. We have launched Sendloop App Store and Developer Program (more details on these two topics to be published next week) . If you are a developer or third party SaaS owner, you can publish your app on our app store and have opportunity to reach 36,000 (and counting) active Sendloop users. More details can be found at Sendloop Developer Program