Lead generation on retail stores and events are no more a headache!

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So you have a retail store or you are organizing an event and looking for a way to get contact information of attendees, customers, leads as quickly as possible… Sendloop’s Subscribe iOS app is the right solution for you. Our free iPad app allows you to turn your iPad into a lead generation kiosk in seconds.

  1. Download the free Sendloop Subscribe iOS app on your iPad
  2. Customize the look-n-feel and lead generation form
  3. Start getting leads

It’s so easy, so quick. In just a few seconds, you will be ready to get contact information of your leads, attendees, customers or visitors directly through your iPad. This is an ideal solution for retail stores and events.

Our Sendloop Subscribe iOS app is totally free. Download it on your iPad today and start getting leads on your retail store. We hope you like our new app.