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Lead me to the moon!

Have you ever heard about the tech-legend that implied each and every one of us has the sufficient technology in our mobile phones to aid a mission to the moon? It’s similar to the psyche-legend that says “Humans are only using 10% of their brains’ total potential…” So if we were to combine these two legends, in theory we’d casually be travelling to the moon in our spare time! Instead of organizing a flight to the moon we are constantly looking for the opportunities in digital advertising to make money and prestige for our businesses since communication systems are evolving faster than we all anticipated.

It’s almost been two years since digital advertising have stepped into a new era with Facebook’s Lead Ads. It’s a big step for humankind and even a bigger step for androids — and obviously IOS — literally and figuratively speaking. While androids are advancing, step by step, to take over the world; with them, mobile advertising has also taken a giant step towards efficiency. The next step in terms of efficiency for AI must be self-sufficiency, which will also be the beginning of the end for us… Although important enough, that’s another subject for another article…

Zuckerberg had a dream…

I always dreamt about the day my mobile being able to prepare breakfast for me, having made the bed and the morning reading list, fed the cat, cleaned the house and made my coffee before waking me up. I mean it’s an Android ffs! It has a purpose of design; you know, Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” android!

Book Cover of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Book Cover of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Anyway, while androids are failing to satisfy our expectations, today, they’re far ahead of Zuckerberg’s expectations as they can easily collect your personal data without you typing anything at all. This is what Facebook Lead Ads is; the relatively new feature of FB. I’m pretty sure Mark dreamt about these digital fantasies too. That’s why he started advertising with Facebook in 2004. So after that, Mark’s dream has become our — the digital advertisers’ reality.

The butler in my pocket

Joking aside, people in general tend to expect everything from their mobile phones nowadays and rightfully so because every little service, every step into a profitable digital pathway is just “a single click” or “a single tick” or “one down scroll” away from us and with every advancement along the way, we aim to save precious time, effort and money while we generate the highest WOM, hype, interest, subscription, conversion and engagement for our businesses; eventually blending it all into a pot of loyal followers and a healthy audience in the long run. Huge loads of work and service provided by one click, one hit, one call or one request. These cool one-touch services are usually garnished by chain-reacting praisal adjectives, just like how George Carlin would put it; -see the video below- all pumped-up and ready to sell.

At this point, the digital community has every right to expect more and for the last two years, with the Lead Ads; they are getting more!

Hit the Lead Jack, Landing Page No More…

There is no doubt that as one of the newest and most direct communication methods of online advertising world, Facebook Lead Ads is a game-changing product. After Lead Ads, your game plan might no more contain any of the following: Your website, your landing page, your re-directing crossroads, your confirmation sms and emails, your never ending fishing mechanisms for various information etc. No more clicking a link to an external website and waiting for a page to load. All of these effective ways of gathering information may turn into a big NO-MORE.

Personal information has become one of the most valuable commodities while form filling is still a time consuming, privacy violating pain in the neck activity. Parallel to this appraisal, gathering personal information is, without doubt, the key to every potential customer’s world. So what to do? Enter the Facebook Lead Ads; quick, agile and to the point. Instead of meaningless show-off numbers indicating heavy web traffic, Lead Ads actually provide solid leads.

The Lead Lead Generator

Facebook might have become the greatest lead generator around the internet by means of personal users and business related subscribers when it started advertising in 2004. And since October 2015, Lead Ads have become the new landing page when it comes to gaining new subscribers.

Although mobile has been proven to be a great platform for engagement and connectivity, it always had a low conversion rate simply because typing on a desktop is much easier and less demanding than typing on mobile. So lead ads that target mobile users are huge opportunities for businesses to generate leads at lower costs with less time and effort.

Facebook Lead Ads is basically your landing page integrated with your sign up form. It’s a short cut without the disadvantages. This is why it’s called Lead Ads. Facebook already has your contact details so you don’t need to visit a separate website to fill in your information. It auto-fills your information into a form which is then embedded into the news feed and as a result, valuable time and effort is saved along both parties.

The Lead Form: When to Pop Da Question!

The biggest reason to use Facebook Lead Ads is that it simply generates the most leads. Since the key element here is the lead form, the ad copy directing people to the form becomes a most crucial element. That form is simply where you “pop da question!” It’s the decision maker, giving user a reason to move forward. What is proposed, what is offered, what is the benefit, what other alternatives have i got, how is this helping me reach out to my audience? These are the questions forming in the user’s mind and they are to be answered before “submit” button is clicked.

Balancing the Demands

At the point of no return; meaning a customer deciding to leap into the questioning world of your lead form, it’s totally all up to you, the boss, to decide what to demand from the user.

Your choices are unlimited when it comes to asking for information. What do you need the most? A name? A number? An email adress? And why do you need them? Just to nourish your database? Quickly sell your product?

All the same; too much demand and user will freak out, too little information and you’re left empty handed. Remember that you need to make the user voluntarily give out personal information. There is no room for evil intentions here. If you’re secretly assembling your moon-team or planning to sell their personal information, users will sense that hidden agenda and will refrain from revealing any info. How so? Because you’re not the only one evolving! Users and consumers are adapting to these new ways as rapidly as the advancements themselves.

During this form preparing step, you’ll find that there is a lot of targeting options including localization, age, language, spending habits, interests, gender etc. Decide carefully on the information you demand; considering your short and long term goals.

Linking & Integrating Your Sendloop Account

Link your Facebook Lead Forms to your Sendloop account and Sendloop will do the rest for you.

  • It’ll fetch any new leads from your Facebook Lead Ads automatically.
  • You can run smart email marketing campaigns and drip campaigns to your leads periodically.
  • You can track the conversions of these leads and their generated revenue.
  • Sendloop will also let you to create custom audiences on your Facebook ad account and store them.

To get started with Facebook Lead Ads and Sendloop, the first thing you need to do is to give access authorization to your Lead Ads. Simply click “Authorize” button in your Sendloop Account > Facebook Marketer section:

Enable “Facebook Marketer” feature with a single mouse click
Enable “Facebook Marketer” feature with a single mouse click

Facebook will ask you what kind of permission you want to give. After approving the authorization, Sendloop will connect to your Lead Ads forms and fetch any new leads you may have.

Sendloop Facebook Marketer
Sendloop Facebook Marketer

New leads will be stored in a subscriber list in your Sendloop account and any email marketing or drip campaigns involving these lists will become activated for each new captured lead through your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns.

Imagine you’re running a Facebook Lead Ads campaign to collect lead information in exchange for delivering white-papers or access to a webinar. Or you can setup a drip campaign to be triggered when a new lead info is fetched from your Facebook Lead Ads campaign and you can send them the download link of your white paper or access info to your webinar by email right after they enroll.

You’ll get detailed and real-time reports about your leads such as email open rates, geolocations, email apps they use to open your emails and link clicks. You can even run more targeted email marketing campaigns to very-active and semi-active leads coming through Facebook Lead Ads campaigns.

Run highly targeted email marketing campaigns to your leads collected on Facebook Lead Ads to improve your conversion rates

How We Collected Almost 600 New Leads Overnight

By spending only $30!

Here’s a case where lead ads has proven it’s effectiveness and worth:
Recently, we setup a Facebook Lead Ads campaign and set the budget to $30 per day. When we checked the stats at the end of the day, we noticed that over 600 leads have been collected and they’ve already been put into our email marketing flow set on our Sendloop account (which is also connected to our Facebook Lead Ads campaigns). This means that we’ve collected each lead with ~$0.05 cost and they have been automatically registered into our email marketing campaigns and started to convert. Now that’s a big pro for Lead Ads!

So, Facebook Lead Ads is a very competitive and profitable lead generation channel and it owes this success to removing the friction between first impression to conversion process and the landing page…

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