[New Feature]: Customer Accounts

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We have been silent for a while, sorry about that. We were focused on heavy development and improvement of Sendloop backend and finally we are almost ready to push new features.

In the past 2 months, we have done several improvements such as adding new mail servers to the server farm, improving our deliverability, improving email design testing service and sending performance.

Also, we have focused on new feature developments and started to add these features into Sendloop accounts one by one.

A few days ago, we have enabled “Customer Accounts” feature in Sendloop accounts. This feature will make web designers and agencies happy because if you are sending email campaigns on behalf of your customers, you can let your customers to access and check their email campaign statistics.

There’s no restriction! Create unlimited customer accounts and let them check their campaign statistics.

Sendloop users can find customer management section inside “Settings” section of their Sendloop accounts.