[New Feature]: Export Hard and Soft Bounces

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Well, this was a long-time waited feature request and now it’s available in all Sendloop user accounts. You can now export your hard and soft bounced email addresses with a single click and remove them from your own database easily. Sendloop will export the list for you in CSV format which means it can easily be imported/integrated with any third party application.

In order to export hard and soft bounced email addresses of your account, simply login to your Sendloop account and click “Lists” link on the top menu:

Picture 1

On the subscriber lists screen, you will see two links on the right side:

Bounce Export Links

Click any one of the export link to get your hard or soft bounced emails.

Thanks for sharing your needs and requests with us so far. We have opened a Facebook Page for building an active community and also our community forum is available at http://getsatisfaction.com/sendloop