[New Feature]: Sendloop White-Labeling Options

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We have been working on a great feature for a few days and quite excited to introduce Sendloop’s new *key* feature which lets you to white-label your account under your own domain, product name and logo.

White labeling service costs only $29.95 per month. You can enable this service by your credit card or PayPal account.

Once your white-labeling service is enabled, you can setup your white-labeling options under “Account” link on the top right menu.

Once you setup your white-labeling options, you will be able to access your Sendloop account via your own domain/sub-domain. You can also display your own logo instead of Sendloop logo in your Sendloop account.

We hope you like this new service. We have some more ideas about our white-labeling service, will keep you updated in following weeks.

Thanks for everyone suggesting this feature.