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We have yet some more great news! We are happy to announce that Sendloop and Poptin have integrated services as of September 2017.

Being one of the most efficient lead generation services around the web, Poptin allows you to create engaging web and mobile overlays and convert your visitors into subscribers, using customized popups and widgets while improving your conversion rates.

Poptin is great for digital agencies, online marketers, bloggers and eCommerce website owners looking to get more email subscribers, more leads and sales, reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase visitors’ engagement.

Simply integrate your Sendloop account to your Poptin and you can start nurturing your emailing lists, improving your lead generation numbers and convert visitors into subscribers or paying customers with optimized conversion rates.

To integrate Poptin with Sendloop, please login to your Sendloop account and enable Poptin Add-On from “Apps” top menu link.

To integrate directly from your Poptin account, click “Add integration” option and choose “Sendloop” from the list as shown below:

If you like our new integration or have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment, send an email or share the news and spread the joy. Happy emailing to all!

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