Plain Text Email

Best Practices in Email Marketing 2019

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When editing the drafts of your emails, you’ve probably seen the Plain Text Content tab.

While using HTML to design your emails allows you great flexibility and creativity, you should still implement a plain text version of your email.

What is a plain text email?

Plain text emails are simple messages that contain no images, fonts, or hyperlinks.

Why are plain text emails important?

By including both the HTML and plain text versions of your emails, you increase the number of people to whom your emails reach.

Plain text emails are not as attractive as HTML-based emails, but they are important for the following reasons:

  • Because HTML-only emails are a red flag for spam filters, including a plain text alternative to your HTML-based message increases the likelihood that your email gets delivered to the recipient.
  • Not all email clients and apps support HTML. Though this scenario is somewhat uncommon, email providers that do not support HTML will render the plain text alternative if it’s available. This ensures that a larger number of people can see your message.