Re-brand and run your own email marketing service

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We completed almost all preparations for providing you a white-label platform to let you run your own email marketing service for your customers.

Sendloop is providing email marketing service to ten thousands of users in 117 countries and one of the most requested feature was the re-brandable platform for the ESP business. Now, it’s too close to be real. We worked on this platform for the last three months and preparing to make it online in a few weeks.

With the white label Sendloop Partnership Program, you will be able to run your own Sendloop similar email marketing service under your own brand. You will be able to charge your customers and rely on Sendloop’s high performance delivery servers. You will not loose time with technical details.

Stay tuned, we are going to announce our Sendloop Partnership Program in just a few weeks.

More than 150 users are already interested, if you are also interested, just drop us an email or submit the contact form.