Run Sendloop on your own domain

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We are excited to introduce you another new feature, domain alias. Until now, you were accessing your Sendloop account via sub-domain. From now on, you can setup your own domain alias, map it to your Sendloop account and access through your own domain. This feature has two benefits for you:

  1. Sendloop will be running under your own domain (or sub-domain) such as
  2. All links inside your email campaigns will be pointing back to your domain alias which will let you to use Sendloop as a white-label service.

This feature is totally free and already activated for all Sendloop accounts.

In order to setup domain alias, just setup a CNAME record in your domain DNS and map it to your own Sendloop account. For example, if you wish to access your Sendloop account ( via, you will need to setup a CNAME for; CNAME

We hope you like this new feature. Thanks everyone for their valuable feedback.