Sendloop App Store Officially Launched!

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Sendloop is proud to announce the release of the Sendloop App Platform!

Sendloop App Store Launched

We are officially announcing our major release that will make Sendloop better than ever; the Sendloop App Store!

We have been working on our Sendloop App Store platform for the last 5 months and we are very excited to announce our App Store platform release. It benefits to two different groups of people;

  • marketers/business owners using Sendloop
  • developers

Business owners and marketers using Sendloop now have the opportunity to extend features of their Sendloop account and add new features by installing apps to their accounts.

In addition to Sendloop’s built-in lead generation and email marketing automation features, now Sendloop customers have opportunity to add several new features including integrations with third party services, lead generation widgets, campaign metrics comparison, and many more.

Here’s the list of the very first apps available on the Sendloop App Store:

  • Campaign Performance – an application that helps you compare two different campaign metrics quickly
  • Stripe Integration – an application that helps you sync your Stripe customer records to your Sendloop subscriber lists.
  • Slack App – an application that adds a bot to your Slack group and provides you instant stats about your subscriber lists or activities of specific subscribers.
  • Lead Generation Widgets – Add more widgets to your website such as pop-over subscribe box, top-bar subscribe form and subscribe buttons.
  • Zapier App – Connect your Sendloop account and data to more than 500 third party services with a few clicks.
  • Segmentify App – Power-up your e-commerce website and add recommendation engine to your store.

In order to browse and extend your Sendloop account functionality, simply login to your account and click “Apps” link on the top menu.

Sendloop App Store Launched

Developers! We are calling you!

Build amazing apps for our 36,000 users (and growing), solve their problems with your apps and reach to a highly active community.

In the near future, application developers will even be able to charge for their apps using Sendloop’s billing system. So, you don’t have to deal with payment gateways, manage recurring subscriptions, refunds and invoicing.

We have developed a full featured API and App Store engine. In just a few minutes, you can start building your first app for Sendloop. SDK libraries, App Store and API Documentations, can be found on our Developer Portal.

Sendloop Developer Program

Join the revolution!

Sendloop is no longer an email marketing service for small businesses. It’s becoming all-in-one digital marketing hub for small businesses. From lead generation to email marketing, marketing automation to email gateway, CRM integrations to advanced marketing analysis, website builder to SMS marketing… Soon, Sendloop will be the one-stop digital marketing and sales management hub for small businesses. Join this exciting revolution & develop your own apps.

More apps coming soon!

Soon, more apps coming to the Sendloop App Store such as;

  • CRM and Sales Pipeline
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Visitor and User Deep Analytics
  • SMS Marketer
  • Smart Marketing with Workflows
  • Email Slicer
  • Content Automation
  • and many more…

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Developer Community Events

Our first developer community event will be on 14th January in Kolektif House Levent, Istanbul and it will be hosted by Bionluk & Godaddy. Join our mail list to get notified about upcoming developer events.