Sendloop Marketer app for Shopify e-commerce sites

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We are excited to introduce our latest app for Shopify e-commerce businesses: Sendloop Marketer.

Sendloop is one the first email marketing companies who have integrated with Shopify back in 2008. Since then, hundreds of Shopify e-commerce businesses have been using Sendloop to run their email marketing campaigns through Sendloop… And today, we are excited to introduce our new app for Shopify; “Sendloop Marketer”.

Sendloop Marketer is going to be a game changer for Shopify e-commerce businesses. With just one click, it can be installed in Shopify admin panel and it can be used right inside your Shopify admin panel and the following features will be available with just one solution:

  • Lead generation tools including top bar, overlay box, Facebook Lead Ads and Twitter Lead Generation Card integration
  • Marketing Automation Scenarios
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Real-time reports including geo-locations, email opens, link clicks, forwards, used email apps, etc.

Most importantly, you don’t need to signup to a third party service other than Shopify. Simply install Sendloop Marketer app from your Shopify app store and start using it under your Shopify control panel:


In less than 60 seconds, the setup of a full featured and easy-to-use marketing automation system will be completed on your Shopify e-commerce website. In addition to marketing automation feature, you will have highly effective lead generation tools activated on your e-commerce website:

  • Top bar / bottom subscribe bar
  • Overlay subscribe bar
  • Facebook Lead Ads integration
  • Twitter Lead Generation Card integration

Cart abandonment reminders, new customer welcome, slipping away customer win-back and many other marketing scenarios can be done easily through Shopify Marketer app.


Marketing and lead generation are two important strategic activities for e-commerce businesses and these are two what makes you stronger against your competitors. Sendloop Marketer app for Shopify makes it quite easy to build new leads for your business and run highly effective email marketing campaigns.

To learn more about Sendloop Marketer app for Shopify, visit the website.