Slice your images into HTML emails

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Introducing Sendloop Email Slicer…

Let’s face it. It’s always far easier to design an email on Photoshop and then send it as an image to your recipients than it is to convert it into HTML. Converting an email design into HTML is quite difficult, mostly because it requires time and technical knowledge.

Slicing an email design image into HTML requires an app like Photoshop on your computer. Without a desktop app such as Photoshop it’s just not possible….or it wasn’t until now.

We are pretty excited about the release of our latest feature, Email Slicer. It saves you time and the feature makes it easy to convert an email design into sliced HTML email in seconds, even without any technical knowledge.

After enabling Email Slicer feature on your account, you just have to drag and drop your email design to the container. Then you can start slicing your email design on your web browser. In a few seconds, your campaign will be ready. It’s as easy as that!

We hope you enjoy Sendloop’s Email Slicer feature. Stay tuned for some other exciting new feature releases in a few weeks 😉