Stationery Inbox: Your Station on the Way to Your Customers

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Did your company just move? Do you have a new campaign you want your customers to know about? Are you planning a dinner party or a company picnic and do not want anyone to miss it? Maybe you want to invite all of your friends to a baby shower? Are you worried about forgetting to invite all your relatives for your mother’s birthday?

Sendloop is here to help you! It takes only few seconds to reach everyone on your list with a single click with your favorite email template. Are you wondering how?

It’s quite simple.

Pick your favorite template on your favorite e-mail application. Just choose among millions of templates available to you! Then prepare your e-mail content describing your campaign, or your company event.

Stationery Email Feature

Go to Sendloop and click on “ Create a new campaign” and get your dedicated Stationery Inbox e-mail address. Send the e-mail to your dedicated Stationery Inbox e-mail address.

Now it’s Sendloop’s turn to make life easier for you.

Stationery Email Inbox

Once we receive the email from your favorite email application, we parse and prepare a new email campaign for you. The e-mail template you have selected on your favorite e-mail application and the email content gets imported and you can schedule your campaign for delivery. It’s so easy and takes only a minute.

Why Sendloop?

We are proud of Sendloop’s Stationery Inbox feature. This unique feature offered to you only by Sendloop lets you to use any e-mail application for creating your e-mails. By using Sendloop, you have millions of email templates ready to be used in your Sendloop account. For example, did you prepare an invitation by Apple Mail or Outlook? Do you now want to send it to 5000 customers? It’s easy!

Just create your e-mail, and simply send it to your special “Stationery Inbox” e-mail address provided to you by Sendloop. Sendloop will take your e-mail and create a draft e-mail campaign for you. You can then edit and view your e-mail content again with features only provided to you by Sendloop, such as e-mail design preview on 30 different e-mail clients. When your campaign is ready, we send it to everyone on your list.