The New Account Settings Section

Table of Contents

We are proud to be announcing the latest of our user interface improvements and we hope you like it! Our “Account Settings” page now has a new and improved user interface. This new user interface also comes with a set of helpful features. The new “Account Settings” page now allows you to manage your account information, authenticate your emails, and manage other account preferences. Here are some of the features available for you:

  • Account information: Managing your personal and contact information
  • Email authentication: Authenticating your sender email address domains for maximized inbox delivery
  • API keys: Managing your existing API keys and generating new ones
  • Customer accounts: Creating customer accounts for reporting-only area
  • Affiliate report: Learning about your current affiliate credits commission

There is more! In a few weeks, for those of you who are interested in integrating Sendloop with their own systems and applications, we will be releasing our a new, full-featured API. Importantly, this new API will feature multiple API keys and will enable increased security for API communication. You will be able to generate an unlimited number of API keys and use them on different platforms. For example, if you want to revoke access for a specific integration, simply remove the API key from your Sendloop account, without influencing other integrations.

We are very excited about these new features and look forward to hearing what you think of them! Stay tuned for further improvements in the upcoming weeks.