Translate Your Emails With a Click

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Think Globalocal!

The San Francisco neighbourhood watch have proven to be very fruitful indeed and so, we are happy to announce our newest integration partner: TranslationExchange who turned out to be our next door neighbour at San Francisco.

TranslationExchange is a dynamic, agile and simple to use localization platform where you can extract and translate content of any software, platform, app or project into the language of your choice pretty quickly.

Integrating the Translation Exchange service into your development stack is fast and easy and now that Sendloop is integrated with TranslationExchange, you’ll be able to easily translate emails, newsletters, guides and your product information into any language you wish. Feel free to discover the new features.

Here are the few simple basic steps you need to follow:

  1. Login to your Sendloop account
  2. Click “Apps” link on the top menu
  3. Click “App Store” option
  4. Search for “TranslationExchange” add-on and click “Install” button
  5. You will be redirected to TranslationExchange page. Follow the instructions to create your TranslationExchange account and you’re done!

Here’s a quick demo what can be done with Sendloop / TranslationExchange integration:

We’re looking forward to seeing our new localization integration help your business grow and bloom into a globalocalized business and reach worldwide beyond the limits of linguistics!

If you like our newly integrated feature, feel free to leave a comment ✍, share the news with friends ?, partners and spread the harmony. Happy emailing ✉️!