Why should your visitors want to subscribe your newsletter?

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You need to explain or display clearly what benefits people get if they subscribe your newsletter. Your goal is to increase opt-in email list in order to reach more customers, keep your sales high, and build a strong relationship along with a brand loyalty.

Here are the tips how to make your visitors sign-up for your email list:

  • Offer free deals, coupons some discounts in exchange of their registration. Your offers or promotions should stand out from your competitors offer. It should be valuable, so make sure it is worth to give their email address to you in exchange for their email address. Make it harder for them to refuse your offer
  • Guarantee them of their security. Create your own privacy statement and make them feel confident that your will never sell their information
  • Provide interesting, new and yet exclusive content to maintain your relationship with your subscribers. Why do you need that? By doing this, you will prevent them to unsubscribe your newsletter
  • Create a blog that has necessary and useful information for your visitors. If you attract them with your valuable contents they will join your mailing list
  • Create an e-book and e-learning courses for your potential subscribers in return for their email address
  • Submit your article to some relevant sites and link to your landing page or your home page using the article
  • Provide Several Options for Sign-Up. Your visitors are not coming through one source to your site. They are coming from some social sites, from a post that has link to your site, from a site that has link to your post, from a search for specific terms. Place your subscription box on every page of your website. Your newsletter sign-up option should easily accessible to your visitors

If your potential subscribers understand that by signing-up to your newsletter, they will save their time, energy, money, learn new and valuable information, it means you reach your goal.